Paulo Succar Advocacia Empresarial office is located in the city of São Paulo, main business and industrial center of Latin America, working in association with Araujo e Policastro law firm.

Since the beginning, Paulo Succar Advocacia Empresarial was already developed in corporate law and corporate contract law for, even before its foundation, Paulo Succar already taught commercial law at the Law School of the Presbyterian Mackenzie University, where he started his teaching career in 1990.

In the 90’s the firm was already working in the business area serving both domestic and international clients when Paulo Succar left it in order to perform studies in the Old Continent. Upon his return, bearing a master’s degree in European and Spanish Law, he joined Araújo e Policastro Advogados, one of the most renowned law firms as far as international law practice is concerned – and from there he successfully directed the “Spanish Desk”.

Willing to resume a law practice addressing small and medium business, more adjusted to each client’s needs, Paulo Succar resumes his law boutique and starts an independent actuation in strategic collaboration with Araújo e Policastro law firm.

The Firm is structured in departments according to the respective areas of expertise, operating mainly in corporate law, corporate contract law and strategic business litigation, which covers contract, tax and labor law.

Paulo Succar Advocacia Empresarial has developed along its history a broad network of correspondents both in Brazil and abroad, aiming at meeting the needs of domestic and foreign clients keeping businesses in the most varied regions of the world.

Lawyers integrating Paulo Succar Advocacia Empresarial law firm have received the best education from the most recognized universities in Brazil, being fluent in foreign languages and permanently engaged in benefitting from upgrading and refresher courses, since the Firm is so close to the academic environment. We conduct our work within international excellence levels, meeting the legal requirements of our clients in a quick, competent way.

Care in the formation of professionals integrating the firm and attention in the client service have resulted in the current sound reputation of Paulo Succar Advocacia Empresarial before the legal and business communities, both Brazilian and international, specially the Spanish one.